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Emergency Roof Tarping and Board-up Services

Need quick help after a storm? We provide emergency roof tarping and board-up services to protect your property.

Why choose us:

  • Professional roof repairs by GAF-certified roofers.
  • Help with insurance claims for storm, fire, and other damages.
  • Our team includes former insurance adjustors.
  • Fully licensed and insured for your safety.
  • $10,000 service guarantee.
  • Over 25 years of experience in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Act fast to secure your property. Call 972-839-6834 for a roof contractor nearby.

Emergency Tarping 

When a storm hits, your roof can suffer serious damage. Our emergency tarping services provide a quick, reliable solution to protect your home. We cover your damaged roof using high-quality emergency tarps, preventing further harm.

Whether it’s a small repair or extensive damage, our roofing experts are here to help. Our services ensure your home stays safe until permanent repairs are made. If your roof is damaged after a storm, don’t wait. Contact us immediately for emergency tarping. We’re committed to securing your home swiftly and effectively, providing the peace of mind you need.

Residential Roof Tarping

Protect your home quickly with our residential roof tarping services. Emergency tarping is essential to prevent further damage after a storm. Our emergency tarp covers your roof effectively, shielding it from weather and debris.

We specialize in roofing solutions that safeguard your home. Whether it’s minor wear or significant damage, our services are designed for rapid response and repair. Contact us immediately if your roof needs emergency tarping. We’re here to help secure your home, ensuring a swift return to safety and comfort.

Commercial Roof Tarp Services 

For commercial properties, our pro team delivers top-notch commercial roof tarp services. Experience fast and efficient tarping to shield your business from further damage. We offer a free roof inspection, ensuring your tarp needs are accurately identified and addressed.

Our service is focused on rapid repair and protection. Trust us to provide a reliable tarp solution, minimizing disruption to your business operations. Contact us for professional and prompt commercial roof tarping.

Call 972-839-6834 for a free roof inspection.

Emergency Roof Tarping and Board-up Services
Emergency Roof Tarping and Board-up Services

Emergency Board-up 

When disaster strikes, every insurance policy requires you to take reasonable steps to mitigate further damage. Our emergency board-up service is designed to fulfill this need swiftly and effectively. 

At SCR, our pros are ready to help you protect your property. We specialize in quick and efficient boarding, safeguarding your property against further damage. Our comprehensive repair service ensures your property is secured and ready for restoration. 

Depend on our responsive and reliable emergency board-up services to minimize risks and prepare your property for repair. Contact us immediately for expert assistance in protecting your property.

Residential Board-up

Need to secure your home after unexpected damage quickly? Our Residential Board-Up service offers immediate assistance to protect your property. We act fast to board up windows, doors, and other vulnerable areas, whether due to storms, accidents, or vandalism.

Our service ensures your home is safeguarded against further harm, providing peace of mind during stressful times. Trust us for prompt, reliable board-up solutions that keep your home safe while you plan the next steps. Contact us for fast, effective residential board-up support.

Commercial Board-up Service

Secure your business quickly with our Commercial Board-Up Service. Designed for businesses facing emergencies, our service provides immediate protection against further damage. Our team acts fast, ensuring your commercial property is boarded up efficiently, reducing the risk of additional harm.

This service is essential for maintaining the safety and security of your premises after unexpected events. Trust us to help protect your business assets with our reliable and prompt commercial board-up solutions. Contact us now for professional and speedy assistance.

We Help With Insurance Claims

At SCR Inc. we specialize in storm damage restoration and excel in handling insurance claims. Our experienced team overturns more denials than any other, conducting thorough inspections and creating detailed reports for hail or wind damage.

We quickly provide estimates, making the insurance process smoother. As trusted advocates, we guide you through every step of insurance restoration while offering expert general contracting services in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Call 972-839-6834 for a free roof inspection.

SCR Inc.


Emergency tarping involves covering a damaged roof with a waterproof tarp to prevent further damage from the elements.

No, tarping a roof properly does not cause damage. It’s a protective measure to prevent further damage to the roof.

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